Eden Hare
2 min readMay 8, 2023

Every day is new.

Yes, it is Monday, and we have been through (almost) countless Mondays. It is the start of a new school week, or work week. Because of those two things, Monday gets, I think, a bad rap. But, if I had written this tomorrow, I still would have called it “New”.

It is 6:11 AM. I am eating my Raisin Bran and drinking my coffee while I write this. The start of a new day. A new set of experiences, even if they are related to previous ones. They are still unique and new because we have never done today’s experiences before today.

Why am I trying to be so existential so early in the morning? It is way early. Oh. It is new.

I can see my 6 1/2 year old miniature schnauzer, Chip, asleep on the bed where he hasn’t moved since I got up. We more or less walk the same path multiple times a day, but every trip is something new for him. New smells. new grass, new leaves, new cats (nope, same ones you barked at yesterday buddy), new squirrels (same ones you chased the day before). Without intending to, I actually illustrated my point.

As people, we often don’t approach the newness of things. We ignore a new day, and focus on it being Monday, and all of the things Monday brings. We say “that is the same squirrel you chased yesterday”, instead of seeing the newness — a different tree, watching the squirrel gather nuts, or scamper to the next tree.

This is one of the many things occupying my gray matter every day. Some of those things pay rent, although many are free to walk around and enjoy the openness and marvel at the leaves of memories. What I am saying is I am amazed at how our paw-kids see everything as new, even if they saw if 5 minutes ago.

Our our people kids. They do the same thing.

I wish I could do that again. I wish I could see beyond. the memory of that place or person, and see “new”. We are so easily consumed — often negatively — with the impact of those leaves, and we miss seeing the new growth around us.

It doesn’t matter what we do every day, what we experience or who we are with. What does matter is approaching everything with newness! Nothing is exactly as it was yesterday, or last week. Enjoy your cup of coffee like it was the first one. Stand in the sun like you have never felt it on your skin before. Let someone run their fingers through your hair and be amazed by the newness of their touch. Laugh with that friend, or partner, like you just met them.

We have the chance to be new today. A new driver. A new neighbor. A new friend. A new employee. Everyone we interact has the chance to see us anew.

Be inspired.

Be new.



Eden Hare

Eden is the co-author of seven books and author of more than 100 articles and book chapters in technical, management, and information security publications.